Sepp Disch

“I have much pleasure in recommending the work of Just Bathroom Renovations.

Mark Annesley leads a team of highly qualified, diligent and technically superior tradesmen and designers. Just Bathrooms have completed several large projects for my company, dBAS+, including office bathrooms and kitchenettes to a very high standard. Just Bathrooms have also completed a large overhaul of my personal property in Putney, which included bathroom, toilets, laundry, kitchen, dining and lounge areas. All work was done to a very high standard and on schedule and to budget.

I have personally known the director of Just Bathrooms for approximately ten years and have also come to know and respect many of his staff. Mark Annesley is a very well respected person in the community and very meticulous and demanding of his work. I have nothing but gratitude for the fantastic work performed by Just Bathrooms on my behalf. In my experience this is very rare in any trade.”